TriTone Digital – Colortone-Pro VST/AU/RTAS v1.53 MAC OSX

By | July 7, 2016

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ColorTone-Pro is a Tone Box which simulates the signal path of analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes. ColorTone-Pro is designed to provide analog-like character and flavor to the modern digital audio workstation.

ColorTone-Pro comes with a collection of classic studio models, including samples from world-class tape machines, EQs and mixing consoles.

ColorTone-Pro also allows you to load your own samples (instructions for sampling your own equipment are included) and provides you with our custom-coded Warmth algorithm to enhance the signal-path with extra harmonic goodness.

Additionally, ColorTone-Pro allows you to multiply the color of the selected circuit, increasing the color from the standard character to several times the original color.


  • Warmth: Adds additional, pleasing harmonic content to the signal. Positive settings “fatten” the sound, while negative setting are used to “thin” or “digitalize” a source.
  • Color: Multiplies the intensity of the original IR color from natural to several times greater. Negative settings reverse the color.
  • Norm Mode: Norm mode is straight modeling (100% wet). The intensity is set by the Color control.
  • Blend Mode: In blend mode, a cross-fade is calculated in real-time between the dry (original) and the wet (convoluted) signals. The ratio of these signals, as a result of this cross-fade, is based on the amplitude of your input signal. The hotter the input signal, the more color in the final result, as the cross-fade will tend more towards the wet signal. By changing the strength of the wet signal, you can reshape the dynamics of your audio:
    • If the wet signal is lower than the dry signal (this is usually the case when the top of the frequency curve is below the upper-middle portion of the frequency graph), you’re turning the plugin into a compressor.
    • If the wet signal is higher than the dry signal (this is usually the case when the top of the frequency curve is above the upper-middle portion of the frequency graph), you’re turning the plugin into an expander.
    • And this compression (or expansion) is nice and colored.
  • SLOW/FAST: User-selectable speed /knee options for blend mode operation:
    • “SLOW” will provide a gentle softknee, “compressor-like”, operation.
    • “FAST” use an harder and more aggressive knee that emulate saturation of preamps & tape machines.
  • In: Controls the main input level.
  • Out: Controls the main output level.
  • The “Lock”: When The Lock is on, the output knob automatically compensates for the gain setting of the input knob. Useful for “driving” the emulated unit when in BLEND mode.
1. From the Download folder, run the file pluggo361, and Installation of pluggo (can write that the installation was unsuccessful – it does not prevent us!)
2. Run the installer TTD_COLORTONE_PRO_1_53_MAC
3. If you are running when you start Logic AU Manager to start and identify 110 new plug-ins (there have to kill 5-10 minutes of time scanning of new plug-ins will depart a message that a particular plug-in is not installed and offers to download it from the site – just click CANCEL (Sancel key press will have about 80 times), and continuously stops auvaltool – just do not pay attention to it and will close at the end of the scan)!
4. Medicine in nfo file !!!
P.S. ColorTone itself works fine when scanning auvaltool-th I Crashed Validation for some reason, did not immediately passed on xmode synth – scanned manually via AU Manager in Logic, then everything was as it should)
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